The very nature of the wood, its smell, the touch, its color … is what inspires me.

Working as a carpenter, I realized that the “abandoned” wood had potential.

With a little imagination and a lot of sanding, any old piece of wood could become something beautiful.
And so it is with secrecy …. Certain kind of little secrets begin to leave the workshop … ..

Beautiful and truly original lamps. All handmade from a mixture of forest recovered, recycled and natural of origin here in the Island of Mallorca ..

The solidity of the wood and the sculptures of the artist contribute a sense of unique natural beauty.

I only use recovered natural wood that I find dry in the field or remnants of everyday work in the workshop. I love the idea of ​​giving a “second life” to wood that would otherwise be discarded, from turning something dead or old into a unique piece. And so each of my pieces has its own history; A real life with details about its date, origin, location and species of the tree from which they come.

Number each trunk so that you can trace your origin and remember the history behind each piece and share it with our customers, making each collection unique and unrepeatable.

The wood makes you humble, because you can never be sure of the result that will give you. You never know how it will “age”, how it will dry, what color it will adopt .., as a living organism, it responds differently to treatments, climates, environments

I remove the bark to the wood and put it to dry in the air for at least 12 months. Once dry it is when the wood shows its true essence: The knots, the variation of color, the “imperfections” ….

And from here it is when what I see, what I touch, what I feel, allows me to decide as an artist the type of composition that I am going to create. Sculpturing a lamp in a young oak is completely different from doing it in a mature one.

In the end, a lamp is one more object. However, all these variants are unique characteristics that make each piece of By JOSE POLO unique and can never be replicated.

The nobility of wood and craftsmanship lead me to think of unique pieces, in which my own personality can be glimpsed as they transmit particular emotions as can the works of art.

” I feel like a creator with abilities that I still do not know”

Suivre … ..

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